Elizabeth McEvoy To Lead Panel at Three I’s Research Integrity Conference

Barrett & Singal partner and Research Misconduct Department co-chair, Elizabeth McEvoy lead a panel at the 2019 Three I’s, Biosecurity, and Research Integrity Conference, presented by the Maine Regulatory Training and Ethics Center that took place in Portsmouth, NH on April 30th. The conference offered a dynamic program that included leaders from the fields of public health, medicine, research compliance, and biosecurity discussing a wide-range of topics designed to integrate a system of best-practices in research integrity among them.

McEvoy’s panel presentation, When Research Misconduct Turns Criminal: Effective Strategies for Limited Exposure when the Government Comes Calling, addressed the role of law enforcement and how government oversight has shaped how institutions handle reported concerns of research misconduct and other ethical violations within their laboratories. It also broke down the elements of the False Claims Act and focus on how the government can use the False Claims Act to impose liability in cases involving research misconduct and ethical violations.

Before the conference, McEvoy said: “I am excited to participate in the Three I’s Conference and to have a chance to learn from and collaborate with top leaders in the biosecurity and research compliance fields. In the wake of heightened government scrutiny of what were traditionally institutional matters of misconduct and compliance, it is increasingly important for institutions to be proactive in how they handle these internal issues. I hope to further those efforts by sharing my unique perspective grounded in my past work in both research misconduct and white-collar criminal cases.”